Sunday, March 1, 2009

Catching Up

YEAY!! My husband is home!! He's been gone for three weeks for military training (he was the instructor) and now he's back! It's so nice to have him home. It's also the reason I haven't had a computer to download pics. Now to catch up...

I received my PIF from YarniGras the first week my honey was gone, a baby hat and blanket. Isn't the hat adorable! It has inspired me to make a bunch for myself and 5 other of my pregnant friends. It is SO SOFT too!

The view from our room from last weekends Leavenworth craft retreat with my mom, aunt and grandma. So beautiful!

In Leavenworth, I bought this Misti Alpaca 100% baby alpaca yarn made in Peru that I want to make a baby blanket with for the next baby (cross your fingers that the pink is appropriate, we still don't know). Unfortunately it will only make about a 14" square knitted, at least that's what the sales lady said, and I can only gently hand wash the completed item (am I a glutton for punishment or what?). I guess I'll find out. I'm thinking I will start with a knitted square, buy more, then maybe crochet an edge. I just found a book at the library that combines knitting and crocheting. Very encouraging, inspiring and FULL of ideas!
And of course, ALL the beading that I did on our Leavenworth craft retreat. My two beaded beads, my fan-fare necklace component, the anomone bracelet and the New Jade and silver incomplete bracelet.
Gotta go! We're heading to the grandparents now!


Munted kowhai said...

oooo i can't wait to get my pif! i have lots of ideas for my pifs but have not put them into action yet!
a craft week with mum and grandma, now that's cool!

lajamison said...

I have never been to Leavenworth. What a beautiful view. You all must have had a good time.