Tuesday, December 6, 2011

What's happenin' 'round here!

Well, now that the summer is long gone and we're no longer focused on fixing up our camp trailer or camping or enjoying the warm outdoors, my focus has shifted to being creative once again. I never quite lost the "puppet itch" from creating all those upcycled fairy sock puppets back in June. This fall I spent quite a bit of time researching puppets, hand puppets, sock puppets and the likes until the opportunity arose when I could actually create one for myself. That little creative session finally came one weekend in November at my moms house and I just whipped out a cute little fellow...who still has no left arm and no name. Poor guy! But all his newly created friends are listed in the Etsy shop. Take a gander...see what I've been up to...see what finally has got me crafting again.

Marmor, Tulia and Nondo, two of which are available in my Etsy shop. And to let you in on a little info...I have red, blue and orange fur on it's way to me, so keep your eyes out for some new friends coming soon!

Friday, September 2, 2011

If I had a baby girl...

A friend introduced me to Pinterest which I came across once at some point this past year but had no idea what it was. Now I know, now I'm getting to know, but really, this blog is to show this that I found on it...SO CUTE!! If I had a baby girl, I would run upstairs and sew this TODAY! Even though I found it on Pinterest, it was a tutorial blogged by Smashed Peas and Carrots here. YOU can make one too!

Oh...to have a baby girl....

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

New Blog

Hello my fellow blog friends! I'm here to announce a new blog I have started that will probably be my "craft" focus for a bit...at least while the weather is nice. Then I may get back to sewing and crafting again. Check out my latest fun at...
Adventures With Our '76 Layton Trailer
Happy Crafting!

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Puppet Profit!!

Puppets, puppets EVERYWHERE!! One day back in June, my son and I had a spur of the moment idea...SOCK PUPPETS!! Toddler was playing with a sock on his hand, 4 yr. old decided he needed one too...VOILA! Craft idea!

We were at grandma's house who happened to have a HUGE bag of sock singles. We dug out about 2 dozen socks, dug out her yarn and felt stash, cut up her caffeine free Diet Coke boxes and searched all over for the hot glue sticks. Then made these fun Fairy Friends!!

SO CUTE!! Both boys got to keep one, then we sold the rest at the Ye Merry Greenwood Faire we went to also with grandma (who had a booth of fairies!) We didn't have to buy ANY supplies!

If you want to make one for your child...check out this tutorial by DownWithClutter.


Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Professional Photographer ebook Giveaway

Ever since last fall when I obtained a new digital camera, my blog posting has declined. My new camera came with an owner's manual on a cd that I had to download, I felt ripped off! I enjoy reading an owners manual in my hands, taking it with me whereever I go. Now I had to read it on a computer which I am constantly trying to keep computer time to a minimum. So, the learning process has been greatly slowed due to my lack of interest in downloading a digital owner's manual. Well, today, low and behold, Grosgrain is hosting yet another fabulous giveaway for an ebook put together by a photographer. PERFECT!!

The Key to Taking Pictures Like a Professional Photographer ebook Giveaway

This may not be my camera's manual, but I am pretty sure it would be a great resource to learn a lot from. It would still be on the computer, but it would most likely be in a written language understandable by me. Thank you Grosgrain for hosting such wonderful giveaways!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

New Skirt Love

About a year ago I posted about some ModCloth skirts that I wanted to attempt to create for myself. (Still have yet to create those, but I did just find that fabric again today actually!) Well, this year I stumbled across another site in a skirt search for myself to possibly make and wear to Farm Chicks. I found both on Zappos.com, never been to that site before...

This first one would have worked for Farm Chicks, had I tried to make it, maybe with a denim waist band instead. This second one is a Lily Pulitzer skirt and just looked like a fun one to make for a fun summer day... ...AND it reminded me of a recent Grosgrain tutorial, so I thought, HEY! I could do that! I did find one on Modcloth today too, though, and I already have the fabric for it. I just need that satin looking bias trim, if that's what it is.
Thought I'd share some of that with you. Enjoy!

Sunday, May 22, 2011

I'm kinda here...

I've finally found some motivation and may be back to crafting again. This past fall/winter proved to be a pretty challenging one for the first time in my life. I'm not one who is prone to seasonal depression, I honestly do not know much about it. I just know that the sun is such a huge motivating factor to my day. This winter was pretty dreary and overcast. Plus add the fact that I experienced a huge loss in February, the passing of my father. It just added to my lack of want to do anything.

With the coming of spring, our days have been sunnier and bright. This past week, almost every day was in the 70's! SO NICE! I have started crafting again and have a few things to share...

Back in February I participated in Yarni Gras ornament swap, a gnome home. I had a marvelous idea that proved to be time consuming and required patience with the final installation. This little gnome is sleeping in a "captured" home with a couple toadstoals and at the end of a rainbow. I pray that it makes it in one piece!

The rest of the package included a Welcome Gnome plaque, a dove bar, two magnets of layered vintage buttons (I first had this idea last June from a vendor at Farm Chicks, it onlly took me 11 months to finally create them!) and one of my owls from Moonstitches online tutowlrial. I hope Kerry enjoys it all and doesn't see this post before they arrive!

I also sewed a few blocks for the Block Lotto this month...they proved to be quite a challenge since I did not have an opportunity to trim them to size, they had to be perfectly sewn to achieve size. It was a good lesson for me and they were fun to create!

I also sewed a dress for a parade. Our MOPS group participated in the Jr. Lilac Day Parade and we dressed up in the 1950's era. It was a Simplicity Project Runway pattern....if I get to it....I will post it soon.

Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011


I don't think this will be an update, I'm here to confess that I have had no motivation these past couple months for adding new projects or pictures to this blog. Or to even just type about what I've been up to. Maybe it's a rut, I'm not sure. I've been crafty and creative but the camera issue a few months back really made me lose the desire to take new pics and share. I'm slowly learning the new camera and I'm getting better at using it, but it's not enough to motivate me.

Quickly though, Christmas was stressful for me; New Years the family was in bed by 10ish, I was by 11:30; January went by in a breeze but we spent the last week of it in HAWAII!! That was a blast!! February has been nothing but illness among all four of us and this past weekend an acquaintance through a group I volunteer with lost her husband to a heart attack at the age of 44. They have four kids and she is due with her 5th this May. My heart goes out to her and all my energy for the next week or more will be to however I can help this family out. I have never experienced a friend losing a spouse. I have experienced friends losing parents, pets, extended family, but that's it. This is new and difficult at the same time.

That is basically all I have right now. No pics, no crafts, nothing in the creative department. I hope you and your family are happy, healthy and safe!