Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Latest Projects

Well, I finally got around to taking a pic of at least the fabric I used for the nursing covers that I mention is this entry. I've given them to all the area La Leche League leaders to sell at their meetings as a fundraiser. I even sold one this past Sunday at the Baby Fair. So cool! I could sell them on Etsy, but after having done a quick search I saw that this area of the market was already a little saturated. So I'll just stick to the local LLL leaders and their meetings. If you're interested, I sell them for $25.00

I want to enter this gemstone beading contest using the square new jade beads I showed in my Leavenworth post. I've designed a bracelet using 4mm square new jade, 6mm opalite rounds and labradorite rectangular chips with various silver beads and components. I'm not experience enough with clasps and finishing simply strung beads on wire. I bought a crimper and crimp beads to attempt a few ideas, but I'll have to pull out all my magazines to get techniques and ideas. The deadline is March 31, time is running out! I'm pretty excited to enter it though. It will be my second beading contest that I've entered! Maybe I should'nt be showing my design...hhhmmm.....oh but I must!
I just had to show this picture...
One night I was getting ready for bed, my husband was in bed reading, and all I heard was this thump-thump-thump of little feet from the bedroom to the living room over and over and over. When I finally came out of the bathroom and entered the bedroom, this is what I found all across the foot of our bed. My sons Cars stickers, all in a row at our feet! He even put one on my jeans which were hanging off the foot of the bed and were apparently in the way of his line up across the bed. He was so proud of himself it was too cute to pass up the photo op!

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