Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Weekly Update

I always feel guilty when I don't type a new post every few days. There are SO MANY new crafty things that I can post about but just haven't been able to. This past week we closed the office at work, so I had an entire week to be creative. Instead I travelled to my parents (where I began my PIF for muntedkowhai, I'm pretty excited about it, a new design!), then spent two days home full of non-work related meetings and playdates (so fun! can't wait to have more for my son's sake) then this past weekend in Leavenworth, Washington for our yearly family craft retreat with my mom, aunt and grandma. All in all, I guess I was crafty, but not as much as I had hoped for.

This past weekend was beading devoted, so I have 5 new beaded items to post about. The difficult part is that I don't have a computer at home and thus cannot download pics until I do. For now, it's going to be just words describing them all. I made two bracelets, one completed green "Anemone" bracelet from this instructional technique link at Fusion Beads (one of my FAVORITE bead stores to go to in Seattle), the other bracelet is just an incomplete inspirational piece so that I wouldn't forget it later. I also made two beaded beads, one with size 11 seed beads over a wooden bead and one with black seed beads and copper pearls over a black faceted glass bead. The fifth item I made was a pink, red and white fan-like component to a necklace project out of Beadwork magazine that I will probably turn into a pendant type necklace. As soon as I am able, I can download the pics and add them to a later post.

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