Saturday, August 15, 2009

Iraqi Bundles of Love

In my patience and boredom in waiting for baby #2 (who still has not arrived), I was surfing the net today and came across this really cool idea from a US soldier currently in Iraq. It's called Iraqi Bundles of Love and it's all about raiding YOUR stash of sewing fabrics and supplies and sending them to this soldier currently in Iraq to distribute to the Iraqi's. Bundle up a bunch of stuff in a larger piece of fabric with ribbon, place it in the large flat rate box from the USPS and mail it to his APO address, which you have to request from him through his blog. Being a military wife (who's husband has been over there once so far) and crafter myself, I REALLY support spreading the love of crafting, even to a country we have had "issues" with, and I REALLY like the idea of thinning out my stash. I know my husband would appreciate it as well since my hobbies take up a whole room upstairs. I encourage all you readers to check out this soldiers site and send your own box of craft goodies. Here's the link again...


or if that doesn't work...

He explains everything in case mine doesn't make sense.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Anticipation and Adventure

Well...Thursday was my last day of work as an interior designer. Yesterday was my first day of work as a full-time mommy. Tomorrow is my due date with baby #2. ALL of it is so surreal, nothing has sunk in yet. I'm just going through the motions like it's another three day weekend and Monday I'll be back in to work. Only I won't be. I'm anticipating that once baby arrives, which I hope is Monday or after since doctor is on vacation until then, that everything will sink in and I'll have one big emotional break down. The reality that I will no longer be working will hit me, the loss of one identity and the gain of a new one as full-time mother may be overwhelming. This new one I'm not quite sure how I'll handle, I'm in control of structuring it, not a boss. Thus begins a new journey and adventure in which I'll probably have A LOT to learn. Wish me luck!