Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Catching up...

Remember back in May when I blogged about going on a family vacation?? You can read about it here. Well, now that I have my camera back, here's a couple pics. We stopped at a rest area that featured this geological site. My prego-baby-brain is preventing me from remembering the name of it even. It's on Hwy 12 in Washington.

We also took a family pic on the concrete, you can see my prego belly and the square of the camera on my head.

Once at the Great Wolf Lodge, I learned about MagiQuest, I had briefly heard of it before, but as a video/computer game (I don't even know which it is). The resort made it an actualy wave-your-magic-wand game that you can do quests, adventures and the like with. The little one really enjoyed it, it requires A LOT of walking on foot, back and forth down hallways and in the lobby, and up and down stairs, sometime five floors worth. It's great for wearing out kids. :)
Here's a couple of WIP's...they both started out for my PIF but my super creative brain just went with the flow of how they were laying out and both are not want I had intended them to be. But, they're not bad.
This one is copper pearls, square matte onyx, black faceted glass, copper seed beads, Swarofski AB bicones and the center bead is a stone that again, baby-brain is not allowing me to remember. The button is one from my vintage stash that I blogged about months ago here. So, just to tell you a little bit about it...I'm beading along with my needle and thread, going back from having finished the button end of the clasp, when I get my needle stuck in the first copper pearl from the end. I pull and shove with the pliers to get the needle through, which I was beginning to feel like was a bad idea, when the thread breaks!!! AAHHH!!! I was SO CLOSE to being done with it, now it has to be completely restrung. That's why it's a WIP.

For this one, I bought these lampwork glass beads on the craft retreat I went on with my mom, aunt and grandma back in February. I wanted to play with some wirework, just the simple loop and wirewrapping. I had plenty of beads in my stash to match to the focal lampwork bead. Again, this started as a simple elegant necklace for my PIF receiver, but turned into something more elaborate than I wanted and some parts became difficult to find. The copper chain is not right and the focal lampwork needs a couple tiny pendant drops. I don't headed in a completely different direction, so I took a break. That's why this one is a WIP.

I have a ton more WIP's to show off once I find my other camera cord to download them. They are all crochet related. I'll be catching up more soon!!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Great News!!

YEAY!! I FINALLY found my battery charger. I've neglected posting a few vacation pics, new crafty pics and other related sorts because the camera has been dead. I've started writing a knitting pattern that I posted about here. I'd like to post about it soon, WITH pics. It's an interesting story, an interesting pattern and a big learning experience for me. I've created a few crafty things since I last posted about something crafty, I'll have those up soon. AND....the best new news of all...I think our 2-1/2 year old is potty trained!! YEAY!! He still wears a diaper to bed at night, but all day he wears his undies and the accidents have become minimal. Minimal as in maybe two accidents in the last five days (so far). YEAY!! It's such a good feeling. :) We'll see what happens once baby #2 arrives...only 7 more weeks +or-.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

More and More Fabric...

My new blog I learned about yesterdat and have been checking up on lately is doing two giveaways right now. I've already entered the diaper cover cute!! Now she's giving away THE CUTEST fabric I've seen in quite a while. Check out Rae Gun Ramblings: Giveaway: Fabric Bundle and enter. One of the great things is that she lets you use her pic to post on your blog...that's so nice!! All these sewing blogs are really making me want to sew, but a very messy sewing area is preventing that. Mostly due to the roof leaking a few months ago and having to scramble to move everything from one side of my craft room to the other. I just haven't gone back up there to organize it back into shape again. :( I miss my sewing machine. I miss sewing.

Monday, June 8, 2009

New crafty blog I discovered...

I just learned about a new crafty mom who creates cute, cute clothes!!! She even does giveaways!! Check out this current one: Rae Gun: Giveaway: Citrus Summer Ruffle Diaper It is so cute! She'll even boy-afy it....I'll have to request neutral in my entry until baby #2 comes along this August!! Now, to catch up on this crafty blog and see what inspiration awates...