Thursday, December 18, 2008


Well, the temperature has come up to at least 19 degrees now. With that also came 30" of snow! This snowstorm is record breaking. The entire city was shutdown today, nothing was open, the buses were not running, no mail, no garbage is at a stand still. It's a hard concept to wrap your brain around. Life is so busy, it's always go, go, go...then one little snowstorm and life is all of a sudden stopped! For some reason it was very frustrating. Hopefully tomorrow will be better. Here's some pics from the past 24 hours. The candy canes line our sidewalk and are about three feet tall. They make the surronding snow glow.Before all the snow we got our Christmas tree. This is my favorite part about it...hee, hee! It has two tops! A lady at work offered to let us cut one from her backyard, so we took her up on it. Went to her house after dark, we had a choice between four 30 foot trees, so we eyeballed the smallest one, cut it, loaded it, got it home, trimmed it, then put it up in the living room and this is what we discovered. We didn't even notice until it was up in the living room. So funny!

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lajamison said...

Great lights on the house, it is pretty. That tree is comical. I can't believe all the snow Spokane got. The storm seemed to stay down there. We did get snow up here, but not that much. I'd say we have that much total. Stay safe in it.