Wednesday, December 10, 2008

On this evening...

Do you ever wonder sometimes why you agree to certain things? You get yourself into a situation, and not necessarily a bad on, then wonder "What was I thinking??" Well, I may have done that for this evening. I agreed to babysit two kids under the age of three, along with bringing my own two year old......yeah! So far it's been okay, nothing stressful has happened, but I have almost three more hours to go. Yikes!

On the brighter side, I believe Suzy Q has gone to her new home by now. I took her in to the LYS yesterday after work. The three ladies that were there thought she was just adorable! :) By now they hopefully called the lady she was going to and she's been picked up. If not, then she's still at the LYS on display for many to say hello to.
I took these pictures of her boots while at work before taking her in to the LYS. I used a brown vinyl fabric sample from work, I thought she needed some brown (faux) leather knee high boots to go with her outfit. I reshaped the pattern that was in the Knitted Babe book, added a zigzag stitch along the front, hand sewed the bottom and heal, then added some size 8 rootbeer Miyuki seed beads to button them up. I think they turned out okay, I wasn't as pleased, probably because vinyl is a little slippery and frustrating to work with.


Munted kowhai said...

Did you manage to find her bag? I know how you feel about agreeing to something you later thought yikes to. You must have a pleasing personality. I was always saying Yes in college to please everyone but it just ended up feeling too much of a chore so I learnt how to say no, assertively. People don't like that sometimes but too bad!!

lajamison said...

I think those boots turned out great. Absolutely perfect with the outfit.