Saturday, December 13, 2008

Speedy traveling to NYC!!!

I added the faux leather boot pics that I made for Suzy Q to a previous post, the one where I discuss delivering her. I also added their description to that post. I feel as if I'm not keeping current when I revise an older post with new text or pics...not sure why...maybe I'm too honest of a person. Below are a few more pics that I took this week.

On my way in to work one day, I drove through this parking lot (to get to my parking lot) and saw all these NYC taxi'd think I drove to NYC which is all the way across the county, but it so happens that a filming company is located on the same block as we are and they have been filming in the streets and in the neighboring salon this past week. It makes me wonder who's in town this time. A few years ago, they had our street roped off and were filming a car chase seen at the intersection to the right of this pic, for a movie with Chuck Norris. He was standing on the sidewalk chatting with the people, watching them film. I got his pic that I took somewhere, I don't think on this computer. We've also had Cuba Gooding Jr., and Josh Hartnett when he filmed Mozart and the Whale. I still have yet to see it.

On to a crafty note.....I've been pretty productive this week with Christmas gifts. I finished a scarf, got a few dog coats cut out, and made this...

Cajun 1st Aid!!! SO YUMMY!! Behind it you can see the Chai Tea mix I also made and all the empty jars I will be refilling to give to friends. My friend was kind enough to give me the recipe for both. Thank you JamisonTravels! They make for an easy gift to make!! The Cajun 1st Aid was her grandma's recipe, which I didn't think I would get because I don't even have my own grandma's seasoning recipe. We call my grandma's "Grandma's Seasoning." The closest thing to it in the store is Johnny's Seasoning, only her's is more flavorful and less salty. My mom and aunts don't even know the recipe, which is funny! So I have to request it whenever I'm out and she'll send me a jar. Now I have one I can give to her. :) If you have plugged sinuses, mixing this up is sure to clear them up. I cut the recipe in half and it still makes so much! Now I'm going to design a little label that says "Something to spice up your holiday season!," print on those sticky address labels, add a Christmas-y ribbon and voila! Instant quick gifts!!

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