Sunday, January 4, 2009


I survived the holidays...barely!!! This year they ended up being so exhausting before they even started, for reasons I can't explain right now. :) I started out with so many ideas in my head on what I was going to make and for who...EVERY person on my list had a handmade gift floating in my head. I only accomplished a third of them and I managed to get a pic of only one before I gave it away! So disappointing. I made these for our friend's kids, a 2-1/2 year old and one year old, I didn't get a pick of the 1 year olds. I had a pattern for some fleece pants, then I added their initials in fleece to the behind.

They didn't turn out perfect because of how stretchy the fabric was, you can see in the close up the corners are not that great, I had better success with a similar project when I sewed cotton quilt fabric to fleece. Our friends loved them though, they were a perfect gift! The boys were a grass green fleece with white letters and royal blue thread. I also completed a knitted hat that fits my husband perfect, although it was made for his cousin. I finished it while we were away for the holiday, so I'm holding on to it for next year. It was made in Washington State University colors, hopefully next year she will be attending and it may be a more appropriate time to gift it! I'll post pics of it when I find it.

We're also surviving this insanely crazy weather we've been having for almost a month now. Our yard still has up to 30" of snow and we're expecting another 5-9" overnight. GO AWAY!! Everytime it snows, I must dig out my car and the driveway, hope that I'll make it over the burm at the end of the alley and that the roads have been plowed or I can't go anywhere. Then once I get to work I have to hope and pray that the parking lot has been plowed and that there is no burm to go over to get into the parking lot. This whole process is just so time consuming that I think that's the most frustrating part. If I didn't have to leave the house, I would be enjoying this weather SO MUCH more! I would want to sled, I would want to try my new snowboard, I would want to walk the dog in it. We even had snow for Christmas day which is unheard of on the western side of the state at the in-laws. We got almost 12" or more, and this is in a city that never gets snow. When they do, it shuts down because they have no snowplows. We were one of the few people driving in it, probably because we had been driving in it for more that a week in our own home town already. Here's my wee one helping shovel on Christmas day. He helped by shoveling it BACK into the shoveled area, it was so cute!


Munted kowhai said...

Hope you had a great holiday even those it sneaked up on you. I know what you mean, I had a list of hand made gifts and I didn't even get to any of them! Those wee pants look so warm and cute! I totally know what you mean about the snow, I'd feel alot less guilty if I didn't have to go to work. it's totally insane, its just getting out of the neighbourhood! It just snowed a bit but nothing as bad as december, I hope! I got snowed in for an entire week. I was too worried about not being at work to fully enjoy it!
Your wee one is adorable

lajamison said...

Ramie- Your gifts were amazing. The kids loved their elephant and kitty cat. I will try and take pictures for you. It was wonderful fun to see Calvin playing at your house, Connor had a blast. We don't have hardly any snow here (a couple of inches). It has blown away or melted away. It makes me long for the snow back in Washington, just as you are longing for it to be done. Stay warm and safe!

Munted kowhai said...

Feel better! Sorry to hear that you've been too exhausted to blog or make crafts.I hope you get your health back sooon and inspire us with your crafts!