Sunday, December 14, 2008

Bbbrrrrr!!! and New Etsy Items!

It's a whopping 9 degrees outside!! Yikeeess! Good thing todays plan is to stay in a sew some Christmas gifts! Yesterday I completed two dog coats, they're so quick and easy! I'll have pics soon. Today I need to squeeze in two more dogs coats, two pairs of kids pants, some more button pics and hopefully a crocheted amigurumi elephant, a pattern I got from Roman Sock's blog. She has THE CUTEST little animals to crochet on her site! I've already made the elephant for my friends youngest for his first birthday. This time I'm making the little elephant for another friends two-year-old. The only change I make is that I sew on black yarn eyes instead of adding the black plastic ones, just for saftey sake. :)

New vintage buttons have been listed in our Etsy shop! This time I added clear crystaly ones and red/green/white ones that reminded me of ice and snow and Christmas! I haven't crafted anything for our Etsy shop yet, I have ideas swarming a plenty...but right now I'm focusing my crafting on gift making. Which is a bummer, because right now is probably the time to list items for people to buy for Christmas. I'll rely on my mom and aunt to add the crafty items. Maybe when I finally put those ideas into production, I'll start up my own Etsy shop with them in it. I don't know....I'm so torn between so many ideas and really, I should be listing things that all tie in together, creating a "niche" like the Etsy Seller Handbook recommends. What to do...what to do...

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Munted kowhai said...

It's my first giveaway and I'm so excited to see who wins one! It's bone chilling in the north west isn't it! I understand splitting time between crafting for gifts and crafting for xmas. It just came about way too fast. I think I will have to just really sit down and either buy present on Etsy or get moving quick on crafting! (Etsy probably will win)
Stay warm!