Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Wednesday's Frock Update

Yesterday's A Frock by Friday progress was a piece of cake, today's was a pain in the rear!! I overlooked the part where you sew the ruffle on in steps, for some reason I thought we were just pinning it and gonna sew it today. Well, today I sewed the ruffle on, then misunderstood how to do the top part of the ruffle. The first photo shows my error, it looked pretty baaaaadd. The second shows my correction. The first pic is also really bird swing tutorial pics were yellow too, but then I didn't wait for daylight and my table is yellowish wood. My photography skills sometime frustrate me. >:| And now that I'm looking at the pics compared to Grosgrains pics...I did the top part of the ruffle WRONG AGAIN!!! I just noticed that my ruffle finished on the left and her's finished on the right, so I took an even closer look...I totally skipped a swoop in the ruffle and took it to the top!!! AAAHHH!! Do I rip it all out or do I leave it?? WHY do I miss these things?? WHY???

Really wrong attached top ruffle.

Kinda wrong attached ruffle (in the seam).

I also did a zig-zag stitch along the skirt seams and trimmed close to it. I like a cleaner seam. I can't wait for tomorrow's tutorials!! I'd like to have this done before Friday for my husband's fire academy graduation my rate, with my errors and overlooks...I may not make the weather has been windy and rainy and not even in the 60' may just be too cold to wear it. :(

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