Thursday, April 8, 2010

Taxes, Tutorials & Mobiles

I HATE doing our taxes. I don't know why, they're not hard. I'm about 95% complete, I just need my hubby to look them over one final time with me. I don't fully get all the deductions and junk. BLEAH!!! >:(

Okay, now that I've got THAT off my chest, I've been doing some surfing for bird tutorials for this months Year of Enchantment ornament theme "the songbird." I've found so many fun things to make...I just had to share them with you all...
First of all...I love, Love, LOVE this mobile!!! It's funny how you start blog surfing, and one blog talks about another blog, and another and another until you come across a blog that will have a tutorial that you just fall in love with!! I borrowed this pic from their Flickr group, but it was blogged about here at Spool Sewing and they go on to say that they actually have the pattern and tutorial for the birds here. YAAAAAYYY!! I've already made four of them that I'm going to have to photo tomorrow, as soon as I sew up their tail ends. I may make more, I don't know, I was sewing along and thinking about all the different ways to put them together for individual people. Now I have a list of people that I want to make them for.

Random thought: Maybe I should start surfing for mobiles and featuring them here....I've ALWAYS wanted to make one, why haven't I?? I need to put that on my TO-DO list.

I also came across this flower tutorial, it was originally intended for scrapbooking...naturally I'm going to make one and put it on something else. Not sure what yet though. I do have a whole corner of scrapbook stuff, I really should use it or destash it...hhmmm...more food for thought. Prior to finding the flower, I learned about the LollyChops blog. I've added it to my list of blogs to follow. YAY! She has A TON of fun things she creates and shares how to. She recently did a Week of Wallflowers, each day she did a wallhanging with three dimensional handcrafted flowers using all sorts of mediums....yarn, fabric, scrapbook paper, floral supplies, buttons, felt, you name it. My personal favorite: Orange you glad it's Monday. I LOVE ORANGE!!! This is what Lolly Chops created for orange:
LOVE IT!! I just love it when people as wonderfully creative as this share how to create their wonderful stuffs!! Yet another craft on my TO-DO list.

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