Sunday, April 11, 2010


Why do people feel the need to lie?? Like, right out lie to you? My particular case involved a friend, who I believe flat out lied. Who I've caught lying to me (regarding the same topic) in the past. They lied to make them look like a better person to me. Why does it matter what I think? I'm not here to judge them? I'm here to be there friend and support them, no matter what they choose in life. So far this friend has made many bad (and to me very frustrating) choices in life, yet here I am, still their friend. Does that not prove that I'm a friend who will not judge them no matter what?? I asked my husband today "Why do we continue to be friends with people who continue to frustrate us?" Right after that I asked myself "Why does it frustrate me?" I don't know, I think it's because the decisions being made are just so unwise that anyone with a sense of what is best for themselves and their immediate family would not want to cause further harm. I really need to learn how to let other peoples idiotic choices go. I really need to learn how to not be so affected by them. It's just difficult. Now I've vented, shouldn't I feel better? I don't. Moving on...

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