Sunday, May 9, 2010

This day in 1914...

...the US celebrated it's first Mother's Day as a national holiday (woohoo...that's 96 years ago). President Woodrow Wilson passed it into law as an official holiday and since then we've escalated in our celebration of it. Anna Jarvis coined the phrase "Mother's Day" so that we would celebrate one's own mother versus what was widely known as Mothers' Day, or the celebration of all mothers. Seven years after the passing of this day into a major holiday, it had become so commercialized that Anna Jarvis then fought the idea of it as a major holiday for the rest of her life. She criticized the idea of sending a card because she saw it as a sign of being too lazy to write a personal letter.

My message for you today is...WRITE YOUR MOTHER A LETTER. Over the past five or so years my dislike of cards has grown for various reason I won't go into. The internet has allowed us to be in contact with friends and family in an instant...but what about the joy of receiving a bit of mail from the postman?? For me, it is still more exciting to find something in the mail than it is to find an email in my inbox. You know time and thought went into writing that letter or putting together that package and it makes you feel loved and special. I admit, I am guilty of Christmas Cards, but I'm not discussing that holiday today. :) Remember...write your mother a letter.

HAPPY MOTHERS DAY to all you mothers out there!


Megan @ Little Bella Bean said...

Hi there! I love the things you create. I notice in your "about me" that you mention struggling with the time to create for your etsy shop! I hear ya! I really cut back on my crafting when my daughter became uber mobile and able to climb at just over a year old. She's now 2, and I'm re-arranging my craft stuff, trying to find a way to start going about it again!
It was a pleasure browsing your blog!

Yarni Gras! said...

I just read the same message at "very mary".....I'll be sending REAL thank you notes in the mail from now on!