Thursday, May 20, 2010

Post 100...

Well, you'd think being my 100th post I'd have something fancy to say or to reminisce about or possibly a giveaway...perhaps if I had thought of that ahead of time...but I didn't. Now that I think about it, a few statistics...this is my 100th post, I've blogged for one year, six months and twenty-eight days, and I've managed to post only one pic of me and my son and another 1/2 pic of me, the rest have been crafty related pics. Interesting, eh? Okay, so having said all that, all I have for you today are a few crafty updates.First latest purchase of fabric for my next Frock by Friday sew-along hosted by Kathleen at Grosgrain. (I know, I know...I joined the Destash-Along 2010...this purchase is a step back in my destash-recovery process...hahaha...I make it sound like I'm a recovering alcoholic or something...fabric is an addiction I am working on THAT bit). We were going to start this past Monday, but now we're starting this coming Monday which works out perfect for me. And on a side note, I played with my camera settings and this pic was the most accurate for portraying the lime green and teal colors and yet they are STILL not accurate. The teal is a richer, darker teal and the lime green is...well, better that what's on screen. Anyways...Next up...a few baby blankets for a friends shower this weekend. And yes...the fabric combos are confused...she's not finding out what the baby will be, so I made them both with a boyish and girlish fabric so that no matter what she has, she can still use both. Here's a close up of one...hmmm...idea popped into my head. Want to know how I made them? I'll blog that tomorrow with the I spy Friday. See ya then!


lajamison said...

I love the dress fabric, why the three prints? I will be buying mine today. I'll try and call before so you can let me know.

Jaimielee said...

Hello :)

I tried to contact Kathleen about the fuller skirt you wanted to add to the new Frock by Friday dress and I haven't heard back from her. I really don't want to fall behind and I see that you got your fabrics already (super cute)! So I'm hoping *fingers-crossed* she emailed you the pattern? If so, would you mind emailing it to me (urghnes at gmail)? I'd be SO grateful! I'm so excited to follow along with you ladies but there's no way I can pull off the original skirt in the pattern and BurdaStyle still hasn't fixed the problem ;(

Thanks so much!