Friday, February 13, 2009

Cool idea!!

So I was perusing from blog to blog to I occasionally do...and came across Bella Dia. She had this idea of using the scrabbooking rub-on transfers on rocks!! HOW COOL IS THAT!! (You can check it out here.) I like scrapbooking, I also like rocks, I've still got a box of rocks at my parents house. Pet rocks have ALWAYS been cute!! A whole new idea for rocks!! Obviously this was a very exciting find for me.
On another note...I'm still looking for two more to Pay It Forward. I'm an all around crafty person and pretty good at gathering information to make a "specially made for you" something. I'll be off of work all next week and will be posting a whole bunch of WIP...I'm excited to finally have some time to crafty self. I'll even be posting a knitted hat pattern that I researched, modified, and made into my own design. I'm kinda excited to post my first knitting pattern! YEAY! Stay tuned...

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Munted kowhai said...

Those rocks are so freaking cool!!! That's a great gift idea!!