Tuesday, June 7, 2011

New Skirt Love

About a year ago I posted about some ModCloth skirts that I wanted to attempt to create for myself. (Still have yet to create those, but I did just find that fabric again today actually!) Well, this year I stumbled across another site in a skirt search for myself to possibly make and wear to Farm Chicks. I found both on Zappos.com, never been to that site before...

This first one would have worked for Farm Chicks, had I tried to make it, maybe with a denim waist band instead. This second one is a Lily Pulitzer skirt and just looked like a fun one to make for a fun summer day... ...AND it reminded me of a recent Grosgrain tutorial, so I thought, HEY! I could do that! I did find one on Modcloth today too, though, and I already have the fabric for it. I just need that satin looking bias trim, if that's what it is.
Thought I'd share some of that with you. Enjoy!

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