Tuesday, October 26, 2010

A perfect end to my week, I hope??

Grosgrain has always done fabulaous Halloween costumes...in fact, I think I started following her blog when she had her Marie Antionette costume giveaway a couple years ago which was for a little girl. It was BEAUTIFUL! This year her giveaway is for an adult sized costume...AND IT WOULD BE PERFECT FOR ME!!! Why?? (Warning: kid costume reveal)...Because 4 year old decided to be a knight, together we decided that 1 year old little bro would be the dragon and I suggested that I could be the princess. 4 year old thought that was an excellent idea, at least I assume so with the way his face lit up with a "YEAH" and a big grin. Winning this dress would always make a spectacular end to my crammed and very stressful week...more of all that to come. Hint: it involves sewing costumes, but not for family members, and a lot of other crafts I committed myself too that are all to be done by this Friday. Check out Grosgrains latest and greatest giveaway...but remember...it's perfect for me. :)

The Ever After Frock Halloween Grosgrain Giveaway

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