Friday, July 30, 2010


Now that I have become a parent, many new fears and worries have appeared. I've talked to a good friend (who's also a mother and a camper) about my new found fear of the great outdoors, which I LOVE and grew up camping in, only now it scares me because I have two little ones.

Today I experienced another worry that I've thought about more frequently over this past year (since I no longer work and we're able to have more playdates) son being rejected by his friends. The hard part was that it wasn't during a playdate, where I would have upped and left once it occurred. It happened while watching my friends kids so she could run an errand. It was heartbreaking to watch. What do you do???

I ended up sending everyone to their room and kept my son in the living room and told them all that we needed to have some quiet time since we weren't playing nice. Afterwards I talked to my son about it and told him that when they are not playing nice, they need to have some quiet time and that it was time to play alone for a bit. His chin quivered when he said that he didn't want to play alone. My poor baby...he was treated unfairly and recognized it because he was trying to force them to play nicely right before I broke them all up. I have always worried about him being rejected by certain friends because there are a few that he is so loyal to when we visit.

What would you do??

Just a pic of my sons pretty blue eye and the Fresh From the Cauldron yarn in Bella Swan colorway that I custom ordered to knit a hat out of for him. Think they match??


lajamison said...

I hate the feeling of watching your kids hearts break because of friend interactions. All you can do is be there to hug them and love them.

Great coloring for his hat!

Miss you.

sophie said...

I can't wait to see the hat and your son wearing it--the yarn is a great match to those beautiful eyes.