Wednesday, July 21, 2010


Having been so busy, I realized I missed the last two I Spy Friday's...well, the last two I was out of town...I think...anyways...I'll have one for ya this Friday.

I managed to post about my Year of Enchantment gnome ornament on the SwapperSpot blog but not here...I made five or six of these little guys (after some internet inspiration) only to have ALL but TWO BREAK! Darn air dry clay....maybe I didn't use enough water to attach the pieces. I don't know... Here's how the only two that made it finished up with a bit of acrylic paint and a glaze that said it would take up to ten days to dry! Well, I only waited two until I mailed them. :) Here's the rest of what I sent......the two gnomes with three gummy army men, several teas, many perty pieces of paper (my swap partner is participating in a dress a month crafty-along here) and a yard of red and white check fabric for her Tumbleweed (here). In return, here's what I got...
VERY SIMILAR GNOMES!! There's a funny story behind these guys. I got her package before I even sent her my package. I was a few days behind because of playing with clay AND painting AND there was some unexpected dry time that took quite a bit of time in between each task....well, I was approaching day two out of the ten days of drying for the glazing and decided that I was going to mail them anyways because they felt dry. Once I came back from the post office, I ripped open my package to find all those goodies and three gnomes and a gnome home with a baby in it and I cracked up laughing!! I title my other post Great Minds Think Alike cuz we were inspired (I'm pretty sure) by the exact same internet source!! Okay, okay....should I reveal our secret source?? FIRST...I have to say that I AM NOT reproducing this Etsy sellers creations for profit. I created the gnomes for a crafty swap giveaway. One time, that's all. IF YOU would like a cute little gnome of your own, and they're custom made, go visit HumbleBea's Etsy shop and you can find some of these adorable gnomes for yourself.


lajamison said...

Your gnomes are so cute. I really like them. I saw some cute mushrooms in a shop today and they made me think of you.

mangocheeks said...

I agree your gnomes are lovely, so much lovelier than those I see outside some homes. So much cuter and they would blend in neatly.