Thursday, June 10, 2010

The Farm Chicks Show

The past ten days have been hectic it seems...although it's all a matter of perspective....really they have just flewn by and I wasted quite a few of them. This past weekend we spent most of our days at The Farm Chicks Show....WOW!! What fun!! Does husband know what I spent yet?? No...will he?? Not sure yet, hmm. SO MANY wonderful goodies and eyesights both vintage and crafty. Here are a few pics I took of wonderful little details, I LOVE details...

Silk flowers on a white oval frame of black chalkboard.
A throw pillow with buttons to make a crown...and look at that
gold trim on the edge of that pink pretty!
Look at the cutest little seahorse in this vintage lamp used as a jewelry display.
This was a large cake display in the center of the main creative!
I couldn't quite get a non-blury pic...but you get the idea.
These were above a booth with delicious brownies and I think an apple crisp for sale.
I don't think this dress is vintage, but it's so fun! I WANT!

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Melinda Cornish said...

I love that dress sure looks vintage to me...but it might be a is adorable and some of my favorite colors!