Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Destash-Along & Blog Update

Well, my first project has been completed for the Destash-Along I'm participating in. Until my Year of Enchantment swap partner, Natalie, receives her ornaments, I can't really show them, but I DID use some small bits of my stash for this project. In fact, all of it was from my stash except for the string I used to hang them...I was really picky about the thickness and color, so I had to go by some, so really, 95% of the materials used in making my ornament is from my stash!! Yeay!!

I just learned how to add the percentage bars into my blog t0 show the progress of my crafts I'm working on...Crafting with Cat Hair, the Destash-Along idea generator/hostess blogged about it and shared her info. You can learn about it here and add them on your own blog if you're a crafty, crafter like myself. :) Now you all can see what my current projects are, which are all knitting projects that I kinda have deadlines for. If I'm working on something without a deadline, I don't think I'll put it up. Monthly I'll be changing my progress for each month's YOE ornament. So, this month's is at 100% since it's already been sent in the mail.

I also figured out how to show the number of destash-along projects I've completed. It doesn't show each project, but....well, I guess you can search the post labels to find out what they were. Maybe I'll number them...I don't's early enough in the year that I haven't figured out that detail yet.


Missie/Crafting with Cat Hair said...

Can't wait to see your destash-along ornaments!

If you want your progress bars to be condensed, put them all in the same html/javascript gadget. If you have any questions just shoot me an email. I think they look great! :)

nattyj said...

I love the progress bars - what a great idea! May have to do this on my blog! :)