Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Ornament Arrival

YEAY!! That's right, my enchanted ornament arrived finally!! It got mixed up at the post office, sent back to the sender before coming my way again! I got two "made with love" and very enchanting ornaments, a pair of super soft and I'm sure toasty warm socks, a tin with some chocolates that the three-year old has already eaten, a stocking with a package of hot cocoa and Erin's favorite chocolate (YUM!! How did she know I like DARK chocolate??), a Santa and a package of small ornaments. Nice!!
I got the CUTEST little owl and gnome ornaments! Doesn't the owl have the cutest expression??
Thank you Erin!! It's all great!

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The Queen of Clearance. said...

You are so welcome! I glad you liked it all! I was so upset over the post office mix up! I just cried. lol. I am glad that you enjoyed everything tho!