Wednesday, January 18, 2012

The Creative Writing Process

When I first had my puppet idea I knew they would need a special story to go along with how happy they just naturally seem to always look. I started with my prototype puppet (which I am just now realizing that I don't have a picture of) and took him to a couple of dinners or get-togethers with a few stories in mind. He was only given one arm, tiny pupils and never went through the proper photoshoot/interview process like all the other Chura's have. I still don't know his name! Poor guy!

Oh here...I found this photo...

There he is, highest on the rack, with Cheka (adopted), Goma and Marmor (both waiting for adoption) and a little sock puppet squeezed in. He started out with no arms, I debated that whole body part for a few weeks...arms? no arms? In the end I decided on arms obviously.

I worked out a wonderful little story that had horrible responses to it. The ultimate decider was my 5-yr-old who said it was too sad of a story. Why then do I say it is wonderful?? Because it's dark but has a happy ending, in here it goes...

"On the Orkney Islands north of Scotland there lived these little woodland creatures calls trows. Trows, who are a close cousin to the trolls of Scandinavian countries, have large ears and large noses and enjoy living in houses in mounds or hills. These trows were captured by ear snatchers and kept in tiny wood cages. Since then, they have been rescued and are ready and waiting for an adoption into a very loving home. Now, unlike dogs and cats who get dirtier and dirtier when you don't take care of them, trows get brighter and brighter with neglect which is why they at their bightest and prettiest when you first adopt them. With more and more love, each trow with get just a little bit dingier and much more happier to be in such a loving home."

If one is smart enough, like my 5-yr-old happens to be, they will put two-and-two together and see that these puppets don't have large ears like they do their large noses, and one might ask "What happened to his ears?" Well, if you listened to the story, you might recall that they were captured by ear snatchers. "What are ear snatcher?" Well, they are people who take trow ears. "Yeah, I don't like that story." And that was basically how the conversation went. Thus story #1 was declined...or was that #2...either way, the current story is the third attempt at giving my puppets A STORY! Which, if you all have looked at a Chura listing, you would know their story goes something like this...

"Everyone knows that if you are really lucky, you can find a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow; but did you know that if you are really, really lucky, you can find a tiny portal at the OTHER end of the rainbow into the magical Land of Wexes? The Land of Wexes is a beautiful world we humans can only get a tiny glimpse of during certain candy commercials. For in this land, small colorful candies fall from cotton candy clouds which are then gathered up by sweet, fun loving little Churas. On rare occasion during a rainbow, Churas will be drawn to the sparkling moisture of our raindrops because they look like the shinier candies that are the tastiest in the land, and will find their way through the magical portal to our world. Some make it back home in time for supper and others get stuck here when the rainbow fades away with the shining rays of our sun."

Thus...being such a happier story...was approved!

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