Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Route of the Hiawatha Bike Trail

Fun, Fun, FUN!! If you ever get a chance to ride the Route of the Hiawatha Bike Trail, do so. It's ALL downhill, all 14 miles of it. Here's the first tunnel, 1.7 miles long. You need lights...good lights. We packed every possible light up toy, glow stick, flashlight we could find for the boys in the bike trailer. They were a-glowin!
The first trestle...
The tallest trestle at 220 feet. There was a moose down in that creek, but she quickly went into the trees once people started gathering and got a little noisy. Viewing the trees from this perspective really tricked my eyes. It was weird.
One of the shorter tunnels, didn't need our lights on for this one.
There's also lots and LOTS of wild flowers in bloom right now. There was red, yellow, white, some blue and purple flowers, all along the trail. Very pretty!
It was a very fun and beautiful day in nature. The whole bike ride smelled forest fresh, the chipmunks were extra friendly and we didn't have to ride back uphill! They have a shuttle waiting for you at the bottom, except it drops you off on the south side of the long tunnel, so we began and ended our bike ride with a 1.7 mile dark tunnel ride.


lajamison said...

That looks like so much. We have been wanting to do it for awhile. How did the boys do?

Rachel said...

That does look really fun. My favorite bike ride ever was in Acadia National Park on the Maine coastline. Completely different landscape, but similarly gorgeous!