Saturday, October 25, 2008

The Beginnings of an Entrepreneur

Today was a disapointing day. I have all these ideas floating in my head and I can't seem to get them out for many reasons...lack of resources (I learned how little our public library has), lack of funds (I learned how expensive my idea would be), lack of time (a close-to-full-time job and a two year old does not allow for creativity to flow much) and lack of support...I have yet to discuss my entrepreneurial ideas with any one but my husband. I'm frustrated! I am so inspired by all these bloggers I have encountered over the past several months that have quit their day jobs to pursue their love of crafting, or are stay-at-home moms that are running a craft type business out of their home, or just have the time to put into creating beautiful and inspiring objects AND have been successful with their Etsy shop, or website or blog or whatever it is that they create! My husband has always told me (because I have always discussed this) that if you are to start your own business then it needs to be something you're passionate about. Well, it took a while, but one day I realized that I've ALWAYS created things, my entire life. I started selling bean bags in 4th grade for fifty cents and I probably made a few dollars a week. Then in 5th and 6th grade I made elastic beaded bracelets and sold those at a few craft fairs during city events. I've made everything from hand sewing, crossstitch, stuffed toys, beaded jewelry, barbie clothes, stripping and refinishing a wood dresser then hand painted each 1-1/2" diameter wood knob with a different seasonal scene (that was high school), quilting, sewing stuff for my own apartment, clothes for myself, scrapbooking, then seed bead jewelry, upholstery, costume making, knitting, here I am with so many ideas swarming in my head that I can't sleep at night!!! Maybe the problem is that I am so across the board on what I have created that I need to focus on one area and develop my own "niche." Create an identity in the crafting world that will make a statement, focus on that idea and start from there. I know about business plans, I know how to craft, I just need to figure out what. And it could be because the one idea I came up with last week is in the mail (from Australia) and another part of it is really expensive (like $132 per yard plus tax and frieght expensive) and I'm being impatient and disapointed at the same time. Anyways, I do feel better now that this energy has left through my fingertips and into this blog. :) It's such a good feeling! Good night!


lajamison said...

You will always be able to find support from me. Weather an ear to talk to or, if I can afford it, someone to help purchase you creations. Definately remember I believe in you and your ability to succeed in whatever you choose to do.

Julie said...

You are s-o-o-o much your mother's child.

This is comment is late but I've just read all your blogs & just figured out how to send comments. Never stop learning is my motto.

You know I support your creativity...just like I admired your mother's gifted ways...its in our family blood. But whereas I daydream about & your mother go out & do. Niece...I'm behind you in your indeavors. Aunt Julie